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Senior Symposium Schedule

30th Annual Anthropology and Sociology Senior Symposium

Wednesday, February 1st and Thursday, February 2nd, 2012
Woolley Room, Mary Lyon Hall
Symposium Open to the Public



Narratives of Bodies, Selves, and Medicine (Gabriela Torres, discussant)

Morgan Foster, Trusting in Nature to Cure: A Study on the Philosophies and Practice of Alternative Medicine and Holistic Healthcare.
Liz Mullen, The Body as Performance: The Effect of Transitional Experiences on Body Images in College Women.
Lindsey Cobb, The Self in Cosmetic Surgery: Empowerment Through Narratives of Breast Reduction.
Joanna Gildart, Diagnosis Asperger’s: A Study of the Effects of Asperger’s Syndrome and Diagnosis on Families.
Lina Smith, The Identity Management of Young Adults with Bowel and Bladder Disorders.

Break 3:00-3:15

3:30- 4:45

Performance and Social Engagement (Bruce Owens, discussant)

Laura Donovan, A Passionate Performance: Struggling to Sustain American Theatre.
Elana Jabbour, Breaking Boundaries Beyond Tradition: Music as an Idiom for Social Activism.
Atsu Ishizumi, Afro Samurai: Cultural Hybridity in Japanese Hip-Hop.
Kenya Bryant, Stolen Stories: Constructing Aboriginal Identity through Narratives and Storytelling.



Coming of Age in the World (Karen McCormack, discussant)

Merretta Dickinson, Getting Back to Basics: ABC's and 123's in Katutura, Namibia.
Kristen Eklund, A Break from Childhood Norms: Young People’s Perspectives on Growing Up with a Disabled Parent.
Miles Ketchum, Leading Men: Comparing Constructions of Masculinity Across Colleges.
Juliana Bennington, Rupture within the Wheaton College Community: Negotiating Student Culture and Institutional Expectations.

Break 10:45-11:00


Food, Culture, and Social Change (Donna Kerner, discussant)

Sally Dexter, Consuming Coffee, Drinking Democracy: Fair and Direct Trade Coffee in Alternative Markets.
Adina Menashe, From Ancient to Modern, Local to Global: Interpretations of Quinoa within U.S Consumer Culture.
Jane Gelb, The Tipping Point: An Analysis of Consumer Commitment to Ethical Purchasing.
David Schroeder, Cultural Abatement: An Analysis of New Bedford's Commercial Fishing Industry.

Lunch 12:15-1:15


Social Activism (Hyun Kim, discussant)

Savannah Geasey, Expectations and Experiences: Personal Narratives of International Aid Work.
Dominique Jackson, Stand Up or Stand Down: Understanding Women’s Attitudes Toward Dating Violence on College Campuses.
Katherine Murphy, Unearthing Identity: Natural and Historic Conservation Efforts in Massachusetts.
Melissa Johnson, Deconstructing Torture: An Exploratory Study of the Gendered Construction of Physical and Psychological Torture

Break 2:30-2:45


Remembering Community and Identity Formation (Sarah Tobin, discussant)

Kate Ende, Being Bosniak: A Study of Bosnian Muslim Identity.
Ali Maher, OPA! Performing Greekness Through Music and Dance In Massachusetts and New Jersey.
Jessica Karevicius, Faces of the Fandom: The Devoted Fans of The Boston Bruins.
Alexandra Woodhouse, Gaelic Athletic Association and Community in Ireland and Boston.

Break 4:00-4:15


Reconstituting New Urban Communities (Javier Treviño, discussant)

Ian Lazzara, Waterfire in the "Creative Capital": Celebrating Providence’s Identity.
Claire Rowell, Understanding the Living Architecture of the Slum: Constructions of Community and Identity in the Margins of Northern Kolkata.
Margaux Fisher, “The Land Under Heaven is One”: Negotiating Transnationalism and Acculturation in Boston’s Chinatown.
Iraimi Mercado, Redefinition of Home: An Analysis of Services Provided to Homeless Families.

5:30 Reception, Dinner and Keynote Address (Emerson Faculty Dining)

Keynote Address: The Accidental Anthropologist

The 30th Annual Sociology and Anthropology Senior Symposium Keynote Speaker is William F. Fisher, Professor of International Development and Social Change and Director of the International Development, Community, and Environment (I.D.C.E.) Graduate Program at Clark University.

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