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Alumni Update: Isaac Lliguin ’11 Kognito Interactive

Posted on March 15, 2014

Isaac Llinguin '11 is currently working as a Manager of Higher Education Accounts at Kotgnito Interactive.

Kognito Interactive is a fast paced, tech savvy, award-winning developer of role-playing training simulations and games in the areas of health and behavioral health. Isaac works to market online and mobile simulations where users learn effective communication tactics for managing challenging conversations by practicing speaking with intelligent, beautifully designed, fully animated, and emotionally responsive avatars that act and respond like real humans.

Thinking on how anthropology prepared him for his role, Isaac writes:

“I started out as a Sales Consultant which was a super high paced and energy filled environment where I felt comfortable. Within my first five months I was given marketing responsibilities, mainly doing research, which I have to tell you I feel more than proficient at (thanks Anthro). The other day when I had my headphones on, plowing through data and salesforce functions it brought me back to memories of Jstor and anthrosource I used while working on my senior thesis. I feel like a hawk at times hunting down what’s actually needed. Gotta love those research skills!”

Today Isaac is active research necessary data to formulate pricing. He supports market driven prospect client identification and partners with co-workers to develop and execute marketing outreach campaigns.


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