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Internship: Mary Mother Church Hospital Lerang'wa, Tanzania

Posted on March 2, 2014

Anthropology majors with interests in Global or Public Health have been interning in a hospital in Tanzania. Maye Emlein '14 describes her experience in the Summer 2013:

"Springboarding off of Donna Kerner’s faculty lead trip to Tanzania in the Summer of 2013 I began a 1 month internship at the Mary Mother of the Church Hospital in Lerang’wa Tanzania. With my fellow student, Shirley Ngai ’15, we lived at worked at the hospital, shadowing the nursing students and observing everything from HIV tests to births to suturing trauma wounds. Seeing how biomedicine took shape in a radically different context was intensely fascinating, as was interacting and befriending members of the local Maasai community. As an anthropology student this was an incredible opportunity for me to put the skills I have learned in the classroom into practice. Not a day has passed since I have returned to the States that I have not thought about Tanzania and I would be remiss in saying that this was not an extremely transformative experience, both academically and personally."

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