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Violence Against Women Symposium

Posted on April 9, 2012

The Violence Against Women Symposium is a project by the Anthropology 311 class to raise awareness of violence against women, and examine its manifestations in the world and on Wheaton's campus. Our class, friends, faculty and staff from all across campus are working to get people talking about the issues involved in violence against women in our community.

Violence Against Women Symposium Events:


These Hands Don't Hurt: April 10th-17th (Balfour Hood)

-Raising awareness about violence and relationships on Wheaton's campus. Occurring in conjunction with Wheaton's baseball team.

WheatonSecret: Collection Apr. 1-10,
Workshop Apr. 17th, 7:30 in the Holman Room (Mary Lyon)

-A project that will collect anonymous postcards with secrets pertaining to violence in the Wheaton Community, and then discuss and present them at a student-led workshop later in the week. Web-submissions also accepted.

Interactive Sexual Assault Support Web

-An informational and visual representation of the support options available to sexual assault victims and survivors on Wheaton's campus. It will show the progression of choosing particular options.

When Human and natural Disasters Collide: Understanding the Violence of Everyday Life Thursday April 19 5pm (Holman Room)

A lecture and discussion with Hillary J. Haldane, Professor of Anthropology Quinnipiac University

What can anthropologists do to better understand why violence happens? What we can we do to stop it? Focusing on her recent work in Christchurch, Aotearoa New Zealand, where the February 2011 earthquake devastated the city and surrounding areas, Professor Haldane will explore how emergency situations contribute to, and can also produce, experiences of violence both interpersonal and structural.

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