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Internship: RangSutra in Uttar Pradesh, India

Posted on November 14, 2011

Reflecting on the opportunity afforded to her by the Davis International Fellows Program, Sally Dexter '12 writes:

"I had never had the opportunity to study or work with a group of people so closely as the women of eastern Uttar Pradesh. My boss, Dr. Dipti Singh, gave me phenomenal insight into women’s economic empowerment and development in the state and showed me the ins and outs of trying to make a significant impact in a society still plagued by poverty and gender inequality. My internship was self-designed so I did not have an official title, but I think of it as a “Business and Development” internship, as I worked in the areas that these two fields overlap. My tasks included taking inventory photographs, helping write grant applications, and developing a database of potential future clients and networking organizations, but the most valuable part of my internship was the week I spent conducting fieldwork with RangSutra’s current and future producer partners."

As part of her internship, Sally put what she had learned in research methods to work. She traveled to the rural villages outside of Varanasi, assisted with a training workshop that taught women how to make stencils from traditional designs, and conducted interviews with the women to gain more insight in to their challenges and perspectives on the crafts.

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