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Alumni Update: Michelle Seidman '10 with Americorps and Super Star Literacy

Posted on April 29, 2011

Michelle Seidman '10 has taken her degree in Anthropology to shape the early literacy experiences of kindergarteners in Oakland California. Reflecting on her experience working with Americorps and Super Star Literacy in 2010-11,Michelle writes:

"For the past year I have been working as an AmeriCorps member with a program called Super Stars Literacy, an early literacy intervention program for students in grades K-2 in Oakland, California.  I am a Group Leader for a bilingual kindergarten afterschool class at a school in East Oakland.  My students all entered the program needing extra support in grade level literacy.  I have worked hard and tirelessly this year with the goal that they will all leave kindergarten at their benchmark level and with the academic, social, and emotional tools for life long success. This work has been very difficult at times but the challenges are well worth it when I see the progress my students have made and the growth that I know is yet to come."

Michelle Seidman speaks about her experience for Super Stars Literacy in their promotional video.

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