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Abroad Experience: Cape Town, South Africa

Posted on April 25, 2010

In January 2010, Brittany Bemis '10 traveled to South Africa with Wheaton’s Winter Abroad program titled Witnessing Contemporary African Culture.

"During my time at Wheaton I have studied the various cultures of South Africa including writing my senior thesis on the HIV epidemic in South Africa. Traveling to South Africa allowed me to see firsthand the aspects of the culture that I had been studying. It also opened my eyes to various cultural problems affecting the HIV epidemic that I had not considered in my thesis. While in South Africa I was able to hear firsthand accounts of the apartheid and the reconstruction process. Learning the perspectives of the South Africans surrounding the post apartheid reconciliation was extremely helpful in furthering my studies. It prompted me to consider the effects of the apartheid and post-apartheid policies and their effects on the HIV epidemic which I did not take into account in my thesis. Studying in South Africa allowed me to bring my studies to life and experience them first hand".

--Brittany Bemis '10

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