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American Studies



Students who choose to pursue this course of study will find that it offers new answers and ways of thinking about complex questions related to American society, cultures, and experiences. Students will engage with a wide variety of texts covering such topics related to gender, sexuality, race and ethnicity as part of the ever evolving American experience - seeking to understand them critically and historically. Pursuing American Studies as a major means understanding the American experience through many interdisciplinary lenses -- art, literature, history, culture, politics, and social movements -- in order to grasp the full complexity of American culture and society.

As an interdepartmental major, American Studies has students taking courses from History, English, Religion, Art and Art History, Philosophy, and other related fields in order to gain the full breadth of knowledge available to them.

John Bezis-SelfaJohn Bezis-Selfa
Associate Professor of History

Alexander BloomAlexander Bloom
Professor of History

Dolita CathcartDolita Cathcart
Associate Professor of History

Shawn ChristianShawn Christian
Associate Professor of English, African American, and American Studies
Associate Provost

Samuel CoaleSamuel Coale
Professor of English

Kathryn TomasekKathryn Tomasek
Associate Professor of History

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