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Becky Hale '99

Becky Hale '99, National Reunion Chair

Becky is a staff studio photographer for National Geographic magazine.  She's photographed articles about advances in organ regeneration, the dwindling number of redheads on the planet and global trends in maternity and paternity leave to name a few.  Fieldwork has taken her on assignment to northern Wisconsin, where she shot aerials from an ultra light for a National Geographic television “Wild Chronicles” show on whooping crane migration.  In 2008 she traveled to Turkey, Egypt and Italy, where she photographed famous sites profiled on the NationalGeographic.com.  

Currently, Becky is serving as the National Reunion Chair.  She's volunteered as a member of Wheaton’s Regional Club Committee and served as the DC Filene Center volunteer for several years.  As a student, she was a member of the Wheatones and editor of Rushlight.

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