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Deirdre Briggs Phillips '78

Deirdre Briggs Phillips '78
Vice President of Strategic Planning & Governance
Alumnae/i Association Board of Directors


Deedee Phillips is Executive Director of The Autism Consortium, a clinical and research collaboration based at Harvard Medical School.  She leads the Consortium’s efforts to catalyze scientific and clinical advances in understanding, diagnosis and treatment of autism through the participation of 16 institutional members, over 100 principal investigators and faculty, a multi-institutional and multi-discipline Steering Committee, and a very engaged board of directors.  The principal focus is to facilitate enrollment of more families in research, build collaboration to increase knowledge about autism and hasten development of effective therapeutics.

Prior to joining the Consortium in 2008, Deedee served as a government and community relations executive at several prominent financial institutions, most recently as Managing Director at Putnam Investments.

Deedee also recently completed a Senior Fellowship at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government where her research focused on the intersection of public policy and risk management in U.S. financial institutions.

Throughout her career, Deedee has served on the boards of a number of business councils and professional associations.  She has also served on several nonprofit boards, most recently completing ten years on the board of Horizons for Homeless Children.  She currently serves on the Board of Overseers for WGBH.

Deedee credits with Wheaton with the strong foundation for her career and the essential belief that building meaningful relationships will facilitate progress.

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