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Becky Hemperly '88

Becky Hemperly ’88, Vice President for Strategic Planning & Governance

Becky works at Candlewick Press, a children’s book publisher, where she is the Vice President of Contracts, Rights & Royalties.  She has been with Candlewick Press for ten years.  Becky brings her affinity for clear communication, work processes, and helping others move between the big picture and the small details to both her professional life and her volunteerism for Wheaton.  As a member of the Alumnae/i Board of Directors, she works with other leaders to translate the Association’s strategic planning Vision into innovative and diverse ways for alumnae/i to connect to one another and to Wheaton. She leads the SP&G committee, which develops and maintains the Alumnae/i Board structure, ensuring that a framework exists to sustain the Board and foster the Association. Becky also serves on the LGBTA steering committee.  Becky gives back to the College out of pride in the school and in appreciation for the opportunities that Wheaton provided her.  She lives with her partner, Susan Altman, in Medford, MA.

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