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Your responsibilities also include obligations for completing each of your courses once you have registered for them. If you have any problems in meeting any of these obligations, you should meet with your instructor immediately to determine how you will handle your problem. Do not postpone this meeting; if you must miss a deadline for an assignment, let your professor know before hand, not after the deadline has passed.

You may also want to meet with one of the academic deans in Kollett Hall who will help you find the best resolution to your problem. Sometimes it is hard to face the fact that you are in difficulty in a course and this has prevented students from dealing with problems when an effective resolution was still possible. The greater mark of strength and maturity is to seek help when it can be helpful rather than to postpone doing so in the belief that you can deal with the problem yourself or that it will go away.

All regular course work must be completed by the last day of classes of the semester, and instructors may not assign work other than a final exam or work in place of the final to be due after that date. Also instructors do not have the authority to extend deadlines for work beyond that date. Only an academic dean, with the approval of the faculty member, may do so.

If you are unable to complete regular work by the last day of classes or unable to complete a final exam as scheduled, you must speak with one of the deans in Kollett Hall who will help you negotiate an extension or receive an Incomplete when this is appropriate. An Incomplete means that a temporary grade of "I" will be recorded for you until you are able to finish work for the course and your instructor can submit a final grade. Normally a deadline for completed work will be determined by you and your instructor at the time the Incomplete is authorized, and you should plan to discuss with your instructor how the work is to be submitted to him or her.

As in other such matters, timeliness is important in negotiating an Incomplete. Do not assume that the Incomplete will be automatic, but contact academic dean as soon as you realize you will be unable to meet your responsibilities on time.

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