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Wait List FAQ

Do you have questions about Wheaton's wait list? We have answers.

What is the wait list?
Enrolling a freshman class each year at a selective college involves what might well be called “precision guesswork.” From the thousands of applications Wheaton receives, we must assess the admissibility of each candidate and then try to predict what percentage of admitted students actually will choose Wheaton (known as the yield) in order to meet our enrollment target. Since most students are applying to Wheaton and a number of other colleges, and because the yield varies each year, finding the precise number to admit is always extremely difficult. In years when our projections fall short of the target, the wait list offers a second chance at admission for qualified students whom we were unable to admit during the initial review process.

How large is the wait list?
The number of students placed on the wait list is a function of several factors, including: the overall composition of the applicant pool, the targeted size of the incoming class, and the availability of financial aid. While hundreds of applicants are placed on the wait list, fewer than 150 are expected to remain active.

Do you rank the wait list?
We do not rank candidates on the wait list. If we find that we are able to make additional offers of admission for either fall or spring entry, we review again all active candidates.

How do you decide which students to admit from the wait list?
In the event that we are able to extend additional admission offers for either the fall or spring semester, our decisions will be made based on a desire to enroll a well-rounded group of academically talented students who will enhance the Wheaton community. As most need-based financial aid is awarded before wait list activity takes place, candidates whose families require little or no financial aid usually are given priority.

I really want to attend Wheaton. What should I do now?
You should submit the Wait List Reply form or mail the reply form enclosed with your admission decision letter as soon as possible. Doing so will place you on the active wait list for fall and/or spring enrollment. If Wheaton is your first choice, we encourage you to submit a short statement indicating the reasons for your strong interest.

I’d like to visit Wheaton. What are my options?
That’s great! A complete list of opportunities to visit is available. Register online for your visit or call the Admission Office at 508-286-8251.

When will I have a final decision about my wait list status?

Often it’s possible to admit some students from the wait
list in April and early May. The size of the incoming class fluctuates into the summer months, so the wait list remains open until we are certain our class is in place. We make every attempt to resolve all wait list matters by July 1. If a space becomes available, we contact students who have indicated a strong desire to attend Wheaton to confirm that their interest is still strong, and then send a letter immediately to confirm the admission offer. Be sure to read your email frequently!

I have decided to attend another college. What should I do?
Please let us know by submitting the Wait List Reply form or mail the reply form enclosed with your admission decision letter. This may help us to offer a space to someone who is still interested in attending Wheaton. We also would appreciate knowing where you decided to enroll.

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