Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts


James Richardson

BS in Marketing from Bryant University, 1992

Where did you grow up?

Southbury, CT

What are your travel territories?

New Jersey, Brooklyn & Bronx, NY, Washington DC, portions of Fairfield & Litchfield Counties in CT, and Florida

What was the best concert you have ever attended?

January 2, 1990 – Billy Joel at the Hartford Civic Center

What is your favorite meal or dish to prepare?

Grilled sirloin with a baked potato or just about any seafood. Put them together for a “surf and turf” and now you’ve got my attention!

What was the most memorable news story in your lifetime?

Sadly, the tragic events of September 11, 2001 will remain with me forever.

What are a few of your favorite weekend activities?

Quality time with my children doing just about anything they want to do are some of my favorite moments. I enjoy working with them in our vegetable garden, splashing around in the pool, or riding bikes around the neighborhood.

What is your favorite sport or game to play/watch?

Football! I’m a huge NFL fan throughout the fall and winter.

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