Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts



Khaled Sharafaddin


Computer Science and German

Activities at Wheaton
Class of 2016 Senator to the Student Government Association; Elected as a Procedural Advisor to the College Hearing Board; Research Assistant for professor Gabriela Torres; Student Assistant for the Campus Orientation and Registration Experience (CORE); Administrative Assistant in the Center for Global Education

Wheaton overseas program
Regensburg, Germany

Since arriving at Wheaton, Khaled has made his presence felt across the Wheaton campus in both academic and extracurricular pursuits. Khaled’s wide range of interests made him the perfect match for Wheaton and he has taken advantage of the opportunity to study many subjects. Beyond his majors in computer science and German, he’s conducted research with Wheaton anthropology professor Gabriela Torres for a book she’s writing about the problem of marital rape around the world. In addition to his research, he’s helped coordinate a conference about this topic. Khaled’s interests don’t end there; he’s also extremely knowledgeable and passionate about international relations and politics.

Khaled has a deep appreciation for the opportunity to attend Wheaton and has great respect for the quality and dedication of his professors. He notes that “there is a critical thinking aspect and expectation in every course at Wheaton which sometimes takes me out of my comfort zone, but the challenge is a positive one.” He feels that the majority of Wheaton students embrace the learning opportunities that expand their horizons, even if the new and unknown is a bit uncomfortable at times.

Adjusting to Wheaton was “pretty easy,” according to Khaled, though he acknowledges that it took some time learning how to interact with Americans. When he’s not involved in one of his many extracurricular activities, Khaled loves spending time with his friends, and says that he is “always accepted for my personal choices” which include not drinking alcohol at parties. What he loves most about Wheaton is the “unlimited access to resources and options, academically and socially.”

Khaled’s future goals include graduate school and return to work in his native Yemen.

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