Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts




International Relations and Economics

Activities on campus
International Student Association, AIDS Prevention Education Team, Habitat for Humanity, club soccer, intramural soccer

What led to your decision to attend Wheaton College?
During my senior year of high school I started researching colleges in the United States. Since my high school was small I also wanted to continue my education in a small college. Wheaton became one of my top choices because it met all the things I was looking for such as location, small classes, strong academics and a place where one can do community service. I got offers from different colleges, including Wheaton and I did not hesitate to choose Wheaton since it met my requirements.

Adjusting to Wheaton
When I arrived at Wheaton I discovered that things were a little different from my high school. As classes started I got nervous because I did not know what to expect from the professors. This became my greatest concern. However, things became better after I talked to my advisors and some professors. I started talking to the professors whenever I had a problem, and I was amazed to see that they were all nice and gave me all the help I needed. The people who helped me included Professor Darlene Boroviak, David Ng'ang'a '09 and Jill Ostrowski from the Center for Global Education.

Professors and Academics
My favorite professor is Professor Darlene in the Political Science department because of the care and attention she shares with her students. She really understands students. She is like a mom who always makes sure that her children are safe and everything is going on well.

My favorite class is United States Foreign Policy; I love this class because it opened my eyes to see how the policies made by world powers affect small countries and why it is important for these big countries to make policies that will also benefit third world countries.

How does the academic experience at Wheaton compare to what you were used to in your home country and/or in your secondary school?
Wheaton College has hundreds of courses from different academic departments that one can choose from. The variety that Wheaton offers is what makes it different from schools in my home country, Malawi. In addition, the dedication and commitment of the professors to the students is really amazing and different from my previous school.

One of the things I really like about Wheaton is its academic program. Wheaton has so many courses to choose from. One can take courses from different departments, even if these courses have nothing to do with his or her major. Moreover, one can switch majors and still be able to graduate on time. Wheaton allows students to create independent majors if interested.

Wheaton is a great place to make a lot of friends from many different backgrounds. Due to the fact that Wheaton has a great number of social activities, it is always easy to meet new people and make lots of friends. I trust all of my friends and we do a lot together; we even help each other academically. Students at Wheaton are friendly and they help one another. Wheaton is such an amazing place.

What do you think is important for prospective international students to know about Wheaton College?
Wheaton is a wonderful place that has been a great choice for me. Academically, classes are hard, but the good news is that professors are dedicated to their students and to helping them reach their goals. There is nothing difficult at Wheaton if one stands on his or her feet and works hand in hand with the professors.

The weather around New England always changes and winter is very cold. During the summer, the weather is really warm and can be very hot which, but students can relax on a beach less than an hour away.

Wheaton is well-located and it is easy to access transportation to different places such as Boston, Providence and New York City. The College is located close to some very well known beaches on Cape Cod that are accessible by public transportation.

Food at Wheaton is great. One of the dining halls is pen till midnight for those who want to have a late dinner after studying. The great thing about the dining halls is that there is a variety of food to choose from.

In terms of diversity, Wheaton could be more diverse, but there are a number of international students from all over the world. Though the percentage of international students is small, they gather together for activities such as cooking, sightseeing and more. All these are with the help from the Centre for Global Education.

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