Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts



Israel and Guatemala


Activities on campus
Latino Student Association, Honor Code Commission, Writing Tutor

Academics at Wheaton
The academics at Wheaton are both challenging and interesting, and the professors are some of the best I have ever had. The academics are demanding and rewarding, and many topics that are covered in class connect with and are useful in my daily experiences. The professors are accessible, friendly, and intelligent, and most are truly good at what they do.

Adjusting to Wheaton
I found that the easiest part of adjusting to Wheaton was the fact that the students, faculty, and staff are so friendly and helpful to each other, so that I never felt that I was not welcome or that I was on my own. I really appreciated the help I received from friends, professors, and other members of the community throughout these two years to make my life at Wheaton easier and more enjoyable. The hardest part is being so far from home, and not being able to see loved ones more often. Many Wheaton students are able to see their families often, but I don't. It is also hard when you miss certain aspects of your culture that can't be found here.

Have you made lasting friendships here?
I definitely have.

Where have you traveled in the U.S.?
I have gotten the chance to do some traveling since I've been here. I've visited California, Florida, New York, and New Hampshire, all with friends or family who live in these areas.

What do you like about Wheaton?
I like that we have a small campus where everyone knows each other well; I like the interactions that I've had with various faculty members; and I also like that Wheaton is very accommodating to student's needs.

Have you had any internships or jobs here?
Through Wheaton, I've been able to intern and work in different places. For example, I worked as a theme month coordinator on campus for a semester; I was awarded a Wheaton Fellows which I used for living expenses during an internship I held in Guatemala; and this summer I plan to use my Balfour stipend to intern again.

How has this experience impacted your life?
The experience of going to Wheaton and taking advantage of the intern/job opportunities has allowed me to gain independence, to meet many new people, and to learn more about myself and my future. I feel that Wheaton has given me the perfect balance between providing opportunities and experiences that I can take advantage of, but it has also given me freedom and independence to make personal choices.

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