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Albi Skenderi '09: From Wheaton to Wall Street

Posted on November 29, 2013

Coming to Wheaton College from NYC was not an easy task for a city kid at 17. But leaving college with a full time Analyst Position at a top investment bank, Barclays, was a journey that could only happen as a student at Wheaton.

My first year at Wheaton, I was constantly reminded about the importance of internships and real life experience as a compliment to classroom work. One of my biggest accomplishments was landing an internship with Lehman Brothers in NYC during my junior year.

As an intern in a fast-paced financial environment, I was often looked to for fresh ideas to improve processes, saving time and money. I was able to use the creative lessons from my Wheaton courses to meet these expectations.

I was also able to utilize many of the skills that I learned at my internship when I returned to the campus. As a part of the Track & Field team, I often found myself stressing the importance of communication on the track. Good communication while running a 4X400 relay is just as important as communicating in the workplace. In order for things to run smoothly, everyone needs to be on the same page, where one is able to pass the baton effectively to run the best relay race.

In the end, my time at Wheaton was greatly influenced by the connections I made in the classroom and in the real world. The Wheaton core curriculum gives students the perfect opportunity to look at the big picture and to think quickly on their feet. These skills are critical to my success in the investment banking world. Wheaton molded me into the person that I am today and enriched my path for the future.

Good luck to you and your student in the college search process. I hope Wheaton is high on his or her list!

- Albi Skenderi '09

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