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Molly Galdston '09: Connections Made at Wheaton

Posted on November 26, 2013

When I was searching for a college, the first thing that attracted me to Wheaton was its unique Connections program. (Of course, the beautiful campus didn’t hurt!) I'd always been intrigued by the impact of community and culture on human development, and Wheaton’s Connections program allowed me to combine courses in psychology, sociology, religion and language to create my own multi-course “connection” entitled "Cross-Cultural Perceptions of Child Development." Wheaton’s interdisciplinary approach fit my interests perfectly.

The college’s curriculum reflects the essence of Wheaton’s educational and social ethic. Faculty and staff facilitated and supported my learning in the classroom, and the Filene Center for Career Services helped me to pursue learning outside the classroom.

I was one of many Wheaton students who were fortunate to receive generous financial support from the college and its alumni. As a Community Scholar and Wheaton/Porter Fellow, I was able to spend my summers working as a clinical intern and research assistant at a pediatric clinic at the Einstein College of Medicine in Bronx, N.Y. Through these experiences, I developed a strong foundation of knowledge and skills necessary for the work I have done since graduating from Wheaton in May 2009.

For the past two years, I have worked at Massachusetts General Hospital as a research coordinator for two clinical studies of autism. The skills I gained during my summer internships have proven invaluable. Through my work at Mass General, I came to realize that I am particularly drawn to addressing patients’ physical and psychological needs. As a result, I have returned to school in order to become a nurse practitioner.

My Wheaton education taught me to approach problems creatively and to have confidence in my life choices. I owe much of this confidence to the support and encouragement I received (and continue to receive) from the Wheaton faculty. I am so grateful to have attended Wheaton, and I know that my education will sustain me through each turn in my life.

- Molly Galdston ’09

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