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Student-initiated Connections

Students may propose a two or three-course Connection to the Committee on Educational Policy by following these steps:

  • You must not have already completed all courses for the Connection at the time of the proposal. The final date to submit the proposal is the last day to drop a course without record deadline of the semester in which you plan to take the last course of the Connection. Refer to the academic calendar on the web for the specific date for this semester.  Seniors: Self-Initiated Connection proposals will NOT be accepted in your final semester.
  • A proposed two-course Connection must link courses from at least two different Areas; a three-course Connection must link courses from three areas: History, Creative Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, Math/CS.
  • The faculty teaching each course in the Connection must approve the proposed Connection.
  • One course cannot be used in two Connections.
  • You cannot use English 101, Writing, or First Year Seminar in a Self-Initiated Connection.
  • When including an Independent Study in your proposal, you must also submit a statement that includes a full description of the Independent Study, plus the reading list. It is the responsibility of the student to provide this and not the faculty member.

Note: All courses taken for a connection must be taken at Wheaton.

Student-initiated Connection Form

Here is a one-page set of guidelines, developed by the Connections Subcommittee of the Educational Policy Committee, that will help you think about and present your Self-Initiated Connection proposal.
Guidelines for Student-initiated Connections

Here are a few examples of well constructed Student-initiated Connections that you may use for guidance when proposing your own.





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