Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts
Wheaton College


Learning Outcomes for Foreign Language

A. Language study is a component of global awareness. Students will learn:

• To understand and help shape the multicultural, globally interdependent world of which they are a part

• To nurture critical, independent, and creative thinking, and to cultivate a deeper understanding of today’s global community and oneself as an engaged citizen (GER)

• The value of bilingual literacy in research

• Preparation  for global economy

B. Language study is a path toward other opportunities in language. Students will learn:

• What it means to major or minor in a given language

• What study abroad possibilities can arise from further study in the language

• What internships may be available, domestically or abroad, for those with further language study

C. Language study is an exploration of language itself, and of the relationship between linguistic experience and culture. Students will learn:

• How language gives access to different ways of thinking

• A more complex and complete awareness of cultural diversity

• A better understanding of the student’s native tongue through the insights provided by study of a foreign language

• The ability to gather, organize, and coherently present information from diverse sources across disciplines and genres by the use of both libraries and electronic resources (HISP)

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