Third Paper Assignment

Rel 110B NT



In a 3-4 page typed double-spaced paper, discuss the different ways the composers of Matthew and Luke’s Gospel treat their common source of sayings of Jesus (Q) in Mt. 22:1-1-14 and Lk. 14:15-24 How do each of their versions of the story represent their particular theological concerns, backgrounds, and/or audiences?

Questions for small groups:

1. What is the physical setting for each account of the "Parable of the Great Supper"?

2. Where in chronology of Jesus’ ministry do each of the Gospels place these sayings?

3. Which chunks of material appear only in Mt.? only in Lk.?

4. In material that appears in both, are there significant differences in the wording in Mt., Lk.?

5. Do each of these accounts have something in common with other parts, themes of the respective Gospels in which they appear? meal scenes in Luke? arguments with Pharisees in Mt.?

6. Which account reflects a more decisive break with the Pharisee leaders of the Jews? How do you know?

You might find these e-versions of the Synoptic Gospels helpful. See also Dr. Marc Goodacre's New Testament Gateway: Gospels and Acts (Texts & Synopses).