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Academic Planning Guide


Preparation for Potential Majors

The majors listed below are those in which early choices are particularly important. If you are considering one of these majors, the recommended courses will help you get started.

Other majors have not been listed because those majors do not require that you begin study during your first semester at Wheaton. In those cases, we suggest beginning with an appropriate 100 or 200-level course.

Please note that not all courses are offered every semester.

Major Recommendation
Anthropology ANTH 102
Art History ARTH 111 or 211
Biology BIO 111 or 112CHEM 153
Biochemistry BIO 112CHEM 153
Bioinformatics one or both of BIO 112 and COMP 115
Business and Management ECON 101 or ECON 102
Chemistry CHEM 153
Computer Science COMP 115 (fall), COMP 116 (spring)
Education Major (Early Childhood)
Attend an informational meeting.
MATH 133PSY 203
Education Major (Elementary)Attend an informational meeting. MATH 133PSY 203
Education Major (Secondary)Attend an informational meeting. This major is only granted in conjunction with the relevant subject area major.
Engineering Meet with the Physics Department chair. PHYS 170 or 180 (Enhanced); appropriate MATH course
Environmental Science BIO 111
CHEM 153
English ENG 101 (fall)
Film and New Media Studies one of the following: ENG 231, ENG 258ARTS 260COMP 115
French French 236 or 245
German German 101, 102, 201, 202 or any English-taught German culture course 
Hispanic Studies Please consult department.
Italian Studies Please consult department.
Mathematics Meet with the department chair. appropriate MATH course
Mathematics/Economics Meet with the department chair. ECON 101 or 102; appropriate MATH course
Music Please see recommendations here.
Neuroscience BIO 111 or 112; CHEM 153 (fall)
BIO 111 or 112; PSY 225 (spring)
Philosophy a 100-level course
Physics PHYS 170 or 180 (Enhanced); appropriate MATH course
Pre-Health, Pre-Med Please see discussion here.
Studio Art ARTS 111, 112, and 116; ARTH 111 or 211
Women's and Gender Studies WGS 101 (Fall 2014 onward: courses in the online course catalogue are listed under Women's and Gender Studies" tab, not Women's Studies)

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