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Music Theory and Performance

Wheaton's Music Department offers numerous opportunities for music study.   Advanced planning and communication is helpful for Music Performance and Theory courses, as described below.

Music Performance

Many incoming students participate in music lessons and ensembles in addition to their normal course load. To facilitate enrollment in lessons and ensembles, we recommend the following:

  • Complete the Music Department's "Contact Us" form to express interest in lessons or ensembles.  Before school starts, a faculty member will provide you with information on how to get involved.
  • Visit the Music Lessons page to learn more about lesson fees, registration procedures, auditions, and co-requisites for credit lessons.
  • Visit the Performance pages to learn about ensembles.
  • When you arrive on campus in the fall, check your Wheaton mail box (Balfour-Hood Center) for a listing of audition times, first rehearsal information, and faculty contacts for all lessons and ensembles.

If you plan to participate in lessons or ensembles, remember that:

  • Lesson fees apply but are waived for declared music majors.
  • A co-requisite course is required for each year of credit lessons.
  • You can register for lessons using a form that is available from lesson instructors.
  • You can register for ensembles on WINDOW, as for all other classes.
  • Large ensembles are available with or without credit. Ensembles are year-long courses, awarding 0.5 credit for the year. Pass/Fail options are also available.

Music Theory

Music Theory courses are required for music majors, for students enrolled in credit lessons, and for students planning to take upper-level music courses.   The Music Theory Placement Test is a diagnostic tool that helps us assign incoming students to the appropriate level of study.  We may contact you via email with further questions as needed.

Who should take the Music Theory Placement Test?

  • All entering students who plan to enroll in a Music Theory course (MUSC 113, 114 or 115) should take the test.
  • The Theory Placement test is also recommended for any student planning to take private lessons for credit.  These students will need to take MUSC 114 or 115 or a 200-level course during their first year of lessons.

How can I take the test?

Students should take the Theory placement test by August 19 in order to receive placement results before Fall Course Advising.

1. Go to Wheaton's OnCourse site. (We suggest Firefox as the browser for both Windows and Mac users).

2. Log in. Your username is your Wheaton ID (ex. w00012345) and your password is your email password.

3. Click on the Music Theory placement test.  Read the instructions carefully and take the test.

When will I learn the results?

  • Students who took the test during the June CORE sessions will be contacted via email by July 1 with placement recommendations.
  • Students who take the test by August 15 will be notified by email before Fall Orientation begins on August 25.

For more information

If you have questions about Music Theory or Music Performance, please contact:


Professor Ann Sears

e: asears@wheatoncollege.edu


Professor Guy Urban

e: gurban@wheatoncollege.edu





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