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Completing the Course Planning Worksheet

The Course Planning Worksheet is designed to help you create a tentative class schedule for the upcoming semester. The Worksheet asks you to list potential courses in three categories: English 101, Foreign Language and any other courses that will help you explore majors, meet requirements or simply pursue an academic interest.

Ultimately, you will enroll in 4 courses, but in each category, we ask that you list several possibilities. This will maximize the flexibility of your schedule and make planning easier.

Please print out and bring your completed Course Planning Worksheet to your June CORE session.

As you consider possible courses, bear in mind two things:

1) Your first course will be your FYS. You will find out your FYS placement by the June CORE sessions. Most FYS sections meet TTH 11 am-12:20 pm or MW 12:30-1:50 pm. A few sections meet at other times.

To browse FYS titles and course descriptions, please visit Wheaton’s First-Year Seminar webpage.

2) This is a planning tool; you will be able to make changes to your semester program after meeting with advisors during the CORE sessions in June and August.

Step 1: English 101: all students are expected to complete an English 101 course during the first year, unless they have earned alternate credits, such as AP or IB exam credits.

Potential English majors are strongly encouraged to enroll in English 101 for the fall semester.

If you plan to major in mathematics, the sciences, or studio art, we recommend enrolling in English 101 for the spring semester.

Please list three English 101 sections that you are interested in. Descriptions of English 101 course are available online at: ENG 101 Writing

Step 2: Foreign Language: Many students will begin their foreign language study in their first semester. If you plan to begin your language study, please list two preferred courses and two alternates. Please bear in mind that some language courses include additional lab or video sections.

Step 3: Major Courses, Electives and other Foundations: List here additional courses that interest you. These can be courses that will help you fulfill other Foundations, explore potential majors, start a Connection or pursue a new academic interest. List the courses in descending order of preference (e.g. first choice, second choice, third choice, and so forth). Be sure to include any labs on a separate line on this form.

In order to maximize your options, please list at list 6 courses in this section.

Students with disabilities should consult "Advice for Students with Disabilities."

If you cannot attend a June CORE session, it is still important to complete the Course Planning Worksheet. You will not be at a disadvantage in terms of course selection, and you will still have an opportunity to speak with advisors. 

Option #1:  There will be a CORE Express session scheduled in late June or early July for students in the region who were not able to attend an overnight CORE session. That date will be determined at the conclusion of June CORE. This session will only cover course registration and does not require an overnight stay.

Option #2:  After the conclusion of June CORE, students who attend neither June CORE nor the CORE Express session will schedule a telephone appointment with an academic dean. Students will be prompted by telephone and email to schedule an appointment with an advising dean. We will use your Wheaton email address to contact you. 



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