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Academic Planning Guide


Planning Your Class Schedule

At the CORE session in June you choose to attend, faculty, staff, and trained peer advisors will work with you on a one-on-one basis to develop a preliminary class schedule for the fall semester. You will register for your fall 2015 courses. (Your FYS section placement will be completed and available June 5th. To check your FYS section on or after June 5th, login to InsideWheaton and click on “WINDOW.” From WINDOW, open “Student and Financial Records,” then “Registration,” then “Concise Student Schedule.”)

When you arrive at Wheaton in August, your FYS professor & faculty advisor as well as your Preceptors will review your schedule of classes with you. You will be able to make any desired changes to your fall course schedule before your classes begin.

In the meantime, start browsing. Start exploring. Learn more about the Wheaton curriculum. We recommend starting with the sections on "The Foundations," "The Major" and "Connections."

Once you have familiarized yourself with the Wheaton curriculum, look at "Selecting Courses" and the online Course Schedule. When you are ready, complete a Course Planning Worksheet.

Please print out a copy of the Course Planning Worksheet and bring it with you to your CORE session in June.

We strongly recommend attending the CORE session of your choice in June; however, if you cannot join us for CORE, it is still important to complete the Course Planning Worksheet. You will not be at a disadvantage in terms of course selection, and you will still have an opportunity to speak with an Academic Dean or other advisor.

Option #1:  There will be a Registration Express session scheduled in late June or early July for students in the region who are not able to join us for the CORE experience. The date of Registration Express will be determined after June CORE. This session will only cover course registration and will not include an overnight stay.

Option #2: Students who cannot attend either June CORE or the Registration Express session will schedule a telephone appointment with an Academic Dean. We will contact you to schedule this appointment.

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