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The Summer Reading Assignments

Summer Reading Assignments Will Be Posted on the "Class of 2018 Advising" OnCourse site!


FYS instructors each assign their own summer reading assignments, tailored to the topic of the individual FYS sections. You need only complete the Summer Reading Assignment for your particular FYS.

Your FYS placement will be available by June 9th. To find your FYS placement, log onto insideWheaton and click on "WINDOW." From WINDOW, open "Student and Financial Records," then "Registration," then "Concise Student Schedule."

To log onto the "Class of 2018 Advising" OnCourse site:

  • visit Wheaton's OnCourse site here.
  • log on with your Wheaton ID and email password
  • click on “Class of 2018 Advising”
  • scroll down to "FYS Summer Reading Assignments" and click on the assignment for your FYS.

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