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Central Asia and Russia 2012

  • Russian Poetry Reading

    Nicholas Cicchinelli ’12, Allison Cormier-Jonaitis ‘14, Christine Herrmann ‘13, Irina Ionkina ‘12, Irina Belova ‘, Mila Meytes ‘15, Eloise Sauvion 1:30-2:00 pm New Yellow Parlor Balfour-Hood Nominated by Professor Francoise Rosset (Russian). More »
  • Uzbek Art and Culture

    This presentation is about the traditional arts and customs of Uzbekistan. It will provide a brief, yet loaded, history of the Uzbek region, complete with its vivid history with Islam, then later tsarist Russia. More »
  • Managing Migrantophobia: Human Security and Central Asian Migration to the Russian Federation

    This thesis will address the contentious subject of migration from Central Asian republics like Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Uzbekistan to Russia for labor migration. It will also describe what the migration process looks like for Central Asians, and what type of people seek out labor opportunities outside of their home country. More »
  • Interagency Collaboration in U.S. Foreign Policy

    In this paper, Thomas explores the efforts of the U.S. Military to collaborate with civilian partners in Afghanistan to achieve the goals of U.S. foreign policy. More »