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Monitoring of Transient Lunar Phenomena

Posted on April 12, 2011

Monitoring of Transient Lunar Phenomena
Jarell Doorn ’12, Malcolm Eaton ’13, Gary Ahrendts and Professor Timothy Barker

Transient Lunar Phenomena (TLP’s) are described as short-lived changes in the brightness of areas on the face of the Moon. TLP activity has a higher number of reports, though unsubstantiated, in specific areas of the Moon such as the Aristarchus plateau. This research includes the division of lunar images taken through multiple filters using a Santa-Barbara Instrument Group (SBIG) ST8-E CCD camera mounted on a 0.45m Centurion telescope. Spectra of regions such as Aristarchus and the crater Ina are also being taken, which show evidence of recent activity (Schultz, P., Staid, M., Pieters, C., 2006) using an SBIG DSS-7 spectrometer mounted on a 0.30m Schmidt-Cassegrain optical tube assembly on a Software Bisque Paramount drive system. Future research will include infrared imaging of the lunar surface.


Supported by NASA Rhode Island Space Grant Consortium, the National Geographic Society, and a Wheaton Research Partnership Program.


Nominated by Professor Timothy Barker (Physics/Astronomy)

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