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News & Events

A selection of the latest stories, photos and videos about Wheaton people, programs and events, produced by members of our community. 

As seen on TV

As seen on TVA pair of Summer Session courses will give students the chance to write, direct and act in an original television pilot while gaining professional skills.

Balfour-Hood Café reopens

Balfour-Hood Café reopensStudents, faculty and staff had an opportunity to enjoy free sample size portions of selected menu items during a soft opening of the newly renovated Balfour-Hood Café Friday.

Breaking down the bard

Breaking down the bardAnn Marie Brasacchio '16 and Elizabeth Peterson '15 are using Wheaton's Lexomics system to help answer the question of collaboration in two Shakespeare plays.

Political science

Political scienceStudents in connected Geology and International Politics courses gained insight into the complicated process behind environmental negotiations during a class simulation held November 20.

Timeline for today

Timeline for todayProfessor Kim Miller and students Alex Natale '16 and Rebekah Howland '15 presented their digital humanities project at the National Women's Studies Association Conference in Puerto Rico in November.

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