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Health is a key to your happiness and academic success. To live a good life you have to take care of your whole self: body, mind and spirit. These web pages will connect you with the information and resources you need to maintain and improve your health.

To schedule a same-day appointment with one of Norton Medical Center's health care providers, call 508-286-5400/5401. NMC is open during June, July, and August to Wheaton students living on campus and close by. During the academic year, all student appointments are free of charge regardless of insurance coverage. Labwork, immunizations, and procedures are charged to a student's insurance. During the summer months, the visit, labwork, and procedure costs are charged to a student's insurance. For medical advice after hours, a doctor-on-call is available at 508-286-5400 to address your concerns.

For walk-in care, a CVS Minute Clinic is located one block from campus, Mansfield Health Center (508-339-4144) is located 10 minutes from campus, and Brigham and Women's Urgent Care (508-718-4400) is located 25 minutes away in Foxboro at Patriot Place. Local pharmacies include Walgreens and CVS.

On Friday and Saturday nights, Wheaton Student First Responders, the WEMS, are on-call through Public Safety (508-286-3333) and will respond to all medical events on-campus.

Other off-campus services can be found in the Local Healthcare Resources Directory (pdf). The Quick Guide to health services (pdf) will help you decide whom to call when.

For transportation to off-campus medical appointments:

Healthy living starts here and now. We're ready to guide you along the way.


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