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Helping handsWhen we say the Wheaton Fund supports every facet of a Wheaton education, we mean exactly that. Your annual gifts combine with thousands of others to help pay for academic programs, including our brand-new business major; Wheaton’s stellar Division III athletics programs, such as our incredibly civic-minded women’s basketball team; and student initiatives that build character and communities, New Orleans volunteerslike the annual winter service trip to New Orleans.

Wheaton Fund gifts also support student scholarships. That’s not only extremely important, it’s also very gratifying for those who give. Take it from John and Ann Kirkpatrick Runnette ’56, who established a John and Ann RunetteWheaton Fund scholarship in honor of their friend Sunny Chen ’06. What motivates such wonderful generosity?

“We like to be able to reach out and help young people,” says John Runnette, a former businessman. “That’s what it is about for Ann and me.”

Chen, who now works in her home country of Hong Kong, is honored that today’s students are benefiting from the scholarship that bears her name. Sonny Chen '06Says Chen: “I believe the scholarship is not so much about me but represents the possibilities of self-motivation, passion and hard work when combined with the right support—nobody does anything alone.”

That about sums it up. Wheaton can’t do it alone, and neither can our students. So please give as generously as you can to the Wheaton Fund, browse around this website to see some of the amazing things our students are up to, and be proud to tell yourself, “I helped make that happen.”

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