Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts
Wheaton College
First-Year Seminar



Fall 2015 Sections

  • FSEM 101-A01 The Guitar as Cross Cultural Matrix
  • FSEM 101-A02 L'Amérique! The United States through French Eyes
  • FSEM 101-A03 A More Sour Pang: The Psychology of Illness
  • FSEM 101-A04 1968: The Year The World Exploded
  • FSEM 101-A05 The Rituals of Dinner
  • FSEM 101-A06 Truth, Reconciliation and Forgiveness
  • FSEM 101-A07 Into to the Wild: Escape or Transcendence?
  • FSEM 101-A08 Love, Birth and Death in English Renaissance Literature
  • The former Section A09 (Bioinspiration) has been cancelled and the remaining sections of FSEM have been renumbered.
  • FSEM 101-A09 Representations and Stereotypes: Reconstructing Italian-American Identities
  • FSEM 101-A10 Bodies and Wonders: Art, Truth, History
  • FSEM 101-A11 Make It Like You Mean It
  • FSEM 101-A12 The World on a Screen
  • FSEM 101-A13 Watching War Movies in Baghdad: Mobilizing Cinematic Mythos, Dialogue and Empathy in the Iraq War
  • FSEM 101-A14 Storytelling with Google Maps
  • FSEM 101-A15 The Monstrous and the Marvelous: German Fairy Tales and Folklore
  • FSEM 101-A16 Proletariat and Supermen
  • FSEM 101-A17 How Sweet It Is?
  • FSEM 101-A18 Fit for a Queen: Dress of the Fashionable and Formidable
  • FSEM 101-A19 Festivals: Creative Chaos and Extraordinary Order
  • FSEM 101-A20 Social Empowerment through the Performing Arts
  • FSEM 101-A21 On Democracy
  • FSEM 101-A22 The Selfie and More…(Much More)
  • FSEM 101-A23 Am I Living Out My Parent's Dreams?
  • FSEM 101-A24 Hedonism II to H2 Worker: United States – Caribbean Connections
  • Section A25 (From Hell to Hogwarts) has been cancelled.

Spring 2015 Sections

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