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The minor consists of five courses from the list below. The courses must come from at least two departments and must include at least one course at the 300 level or above. They must also include at least one of the core courses (marked c) and at least one area course (marked a).


ANTH 210 Feast or Famine: The Ecology and Politics of Food
(a) ANTH 225 Peoples and Cultures of Africa
(a) ANTH 235 Peoples and Cultures of Latin America
ANTH 240 Urban Anthropology
(a) ANTH 245 Indigenous Movements of Latin America
ANTH 250 Political Anthropology
ANTH 255 Women in Africa
ANTH 260 Women and Development
(a) ANTH 285 Peoples and Cultures of the Pacific
ANTH 298 Experimental Courses
ANTH 333 Economic Anthropology


(c) ECON 232 Economic Development
ECON 233 Sweatshops in the World Economy


(a) HIST 219 Norte y Sur: Modern Spanish America


Political Science

(a) POLS 203 African Politics
(a) POLS 223 Contemporary Chinese Politics
(a) POLS 233 The Politics of Latin America
(a) POLS 263 The Politics of the Middle East
(c) POLS 323 Comparative Political Development

Women’s Studies

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