Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts


Justina Easow

B.A. Wheaton College, Economics

Where did you grow up?
Hicksville, New York

What are your travel territories?
Long Island, Massachusetts, New York City and Pennsylvania

What is your favorite movie or TV show?
Not matter how many times I watch it, 30 Rock will always make me laugh.

If you were stranded on deserted island, what five items would you bring, and why?
A laptop (assuming this island has outlets) – the one thing that is hard for me to part with.
Comfortable (but fashionable) shoes – for all the walking and exploring I will be doing.
A camera – to capture all the beautiful sites this island will have to offer.
A hammock – with of course a pillow and a blanket!
A boat – in case I get lonely and want to visit the individual stranded on the other deserted island.

What was the most memorable news story in your lifetime?
I remember 9/11 like it was yesterday. On that day, I remember sitting in my classroom and listening to my principal share the horrifying news over the loud speakers. But I also remember all of New York and the rest of the nation coming together and supporting one another.

Favorite quote?
“There is only one admirable form of imagination: the imagination that is so intense it created a new reality, that it makes things happen.” – Sean O’Faolain

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