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Major requirements effective with the Class of 2017 and beyond

Psychology major worksheet

The major consists of at least 12 credits:

Two Introductory courses:
PSY 101 Introductory Psychology 1 or a score of 4 or 5 on the AP Psychology Exam
PSY 202 Quantitative Research Methods

MATH 141 Introductory Statistics
or MATH 151 Accelerated Statistics

Biological Perspective
One of the following:
PSY 225 Brain, Mind and Behavior
PSY 226 Comparative Animal Behavior 3
PSY 227 Drugs and Behavior 2
PSY 235 Human Sexuality
PSY 265 Health Psychology 2

Developmental and Clinical Perspectives
One of the following:
PSY 203 Child Development
PSY 224 Child Psychopathology
PSY 233 Lifespan Development
PSY 241 Personality: The Study of Lives 2
PSY 247 Abnormal Psychology 2
PSY 270 Adolescent Development 2

Cognitive Perspective
One of the following:
PSY 211 Learning and Memory
PSY 222 Cognition
PSY 230 Psychology of Consciousness 2

Sociocultural Perspective
One of the following:
ANTH 270 Psychological Anthropology
PSY 232 Social Psychology
PSY 251 Multicultural Psychology 2
PSY 290 Psychology of Women 2

One of the following 300-level elective courses:
MGMT 320 Organizational Behavior
PSY 312 Perception 2,3
PSY 315 Social and Emotional Development 2,3
PSY 326 Political Psychology 2,3
PSY 328 Psychology and Law 2
PSY 334 Practicum in Human Services and Public Health
PSY 337 Practicum in Psychological Research 2
PSY 361 Behavioral Neuroendocrinology 2,3
PSY 367 Cognitive Neuroscience 2,3
PSY 369 Clinical Psychology 2,3
PSY 370 Moral Development 2,3

One of the following 300-level lab courses:
PSY 340 Laboratory in Social Psychology 2,3
PSY 341 Laboratory in Behavioral Neuroscience 2,3
PSY 343 Laboratory in Cognitive Psychology 2,3
PSY 344 Laboratory in Qualitative Inquiry 2
PSY 345 Labortory in Child Development 2,3
PSY 348 Laboratory in Animal Communication and Cognition 2,3

Two Elective Courses:
Two courses selected from any psychology offering listed above that are not already being used towards one of the other psychology major requirements.

PSY 400 Psychology Senior Seminar

NOTE: No more than two courses that are being used to fulfill the requirements of another academic major may be used to fulfill the requirements of the Psychology Major.

1To declare a major in Psychology, a student must have completed or be currently enrolled in PSY 101.
2Requires completion of PSY 202: Quantitative Research Methods.
3Requires completion of additional course prerequisites (See online Course Schedule for details).

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